Planespotting at Zurich Airport Switzerland

Zurich Airport (Flughafen Zürich in Switzerland, ZRH/LSZH) is one of the largest airports in Europe and the main hub for Swiss Air. It first opened in 1948 and serves over 30 million passengers annually.

Air traffic at Zurich Airport is very high and notable for the variety of airlines and aircraft that take off and land there. It is connected to the whole world, with flights to the USA, Asia, almost all European capitals, and even Africa.

Regarding planespotting, Zurich Airport attracts great interest from planespotters from all over the world due to its significant air traffic and the spots available for photography. The observation deck is of particular interest, as it is ideal for photographing aircraft both on the runway and taxiways. In the same area, there is an aviation-themed children’s area that attracts dozens of families every day!

Zurich Airport has three runways, one of which is perpendicular to the others. It is a very interesting airport which I visited in 2018, and you can see photos in the gallery on my website!