Planespotting at Vienna International Airport VIE/LOWW

The Vienna Airport, Vienna Airport Flughafen Wien-Schwechat (VIE/LOWW)

is an airport with excellent air traffic and several opportunities for aircraft photography. It has two runways for take-offs and landings and connects to many destinations around the world. In addition to being the base for the Austrian airline, Austrian Airlines, which belongs to the Lufthansa Group, it also hosts airlines such as Aegean Airlines from Athens, Aer Lingus from Dublin, Air Algerie, Air Canada, Air China, Air India, All Nippon Airways from Tokyo, as well as many airlines with cargo aircraft.
The airport also has an observation deck from which one can photograph aircraft on the taxiway or runway for a fee. The ticket is valid for the entire day, meaning that one can take a break to rest and return for more photography sessions. A disadvantage of the observation deck is that after a certain time in the morning, the sun moves to the opposite side, causing the photos to be backlit. Nonetheless, it is an opportunity for a planespotter to photograph aircraft without needing to rent a car to go to another spot. Additionally, one can photograph aircraft from the parking lot next to the observation deck.